November 5, 2018 Newsletter

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Major Traffic Headaches


As if the closure of HWY360 at Abram St this current/past weekend was not enough, beware, I-30 will be closed next weekend.



Tuesday is Election Day!!!




Arlington is a city where citizens are relegated to being spectators rather than players. The SPECTATOR helps citizens know what is happening on the field. Only the few on the in-house team are allowed to play ball in Arlington.  The SPECTATOR helps citizens understand the game.



November 5, 2018 – Volume 11 Number 43



Tuesday, November 6, Election Day.

Sunday, November 11, Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 13 Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, times TBD.

Thursday, November 15, AISD work session, AISD Administration Bldg, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm. Public comment may not be accepted.

Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 27 Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, times TBD.


Arlington City Council Update

The Arlington City Council met this past Tuesday, October 30. The next council meetings will be Tuesday, November 13.


Committee Meetings

The first of two committee meetings discussed hotel design standards. This is more along the lines of where to allow and not allow, and types (eg. full service) vs. anything to do with building design standards.


The second committee meeting discussed a neighborhood engagement program.


Afternoon Session

The afternoon session began without Mayor Williams, as Mayor Pro-Tem Glaspie opened the meeting.


The open portion of the afternoon session had Williams make an appearance.


The Downtown Master Plan took center stage. The consultant did a presentation with formal votes happening during November. A part of the presentation had the consultant state that flexibility was important, especially when considering mixed-use commercial use on the ground floor. The flavor this month for downtown areas is “townhouse villages” [There is no telling what the flavor will be next month. All we do know is these consultants continue to get paid the big bucks for basically worthless information and throwing garbage against the wall to see what sticks.]


Short-term rentals (STRs) did generate some debate. The minority opinion of District 1, Moise, appears to be to allow them in only certain areas. There also appears to be debate whether the SUP expense is justified.



Evening Meeting

The evening meeting saw all council members present. When they got to the consent agenda, there were two speakers on “no opposition” classification for tax breaks for the Spanish Park Apartments, 420 W Park Row. One speaker was for and one was against. The consent agenda was approved, 9-0. After the vote council member Capehart wanted to be against the second reading at 2328 E Park Row. Shepard wanted to show abstained for a $521K construction contract (FM Utilities, LLC). [Zero mention was made of the “no objection” tax break of 184 new apartments at New York and Mayfield]


The first public hearing had been continued several times. It is for undeveloped land at 2170 E Lamar Blvd where the applicant wished to build several buildings, including a five-story office building and a 110-120 unit limited service hotel. It was approved, 9-0.


The second public hearing was for 358 apartments on just over six acres, falling just under the 60 units/acre max allowed, at 505 E Lamar Blvd. It was approved, 9-0.


Your city council loves its apartments.


There were eight speakers during citizen participation. The first two were extremely unhappy of how staff failed to hand their situations.


The third speaker spoke about the police shooting killing a citizen, and a meeting that the NAACP and police department had. She wanted the officer fired.


The last five speakers spoke on different aspects of short-term rentals.






The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 15.


Press Box

VIA Ride-share

The September numbers are in, and September was the best month for the program, with net revenues over $17K. That is still a major loss when looking at the profit/loss information. [ ] Arlington Taxpayers are still paying for a lemon. While the company, VIA, is doing quite well [they have a contract for nearly a million dollars for the year—no problem].


City Propositions


Sell bonds to do more streets. 2008 left a very bad taste in my mouth, when those bonds where used to shrink the lanes on downtown Abram St. [without advertising that to the public]



Sell bonds to do park improvements. Is it really worth going in debt for?



Sell bond for improvements at fire stations. Again, worth going in debt for?



Sell bonds to make aesthetic improvements to several city builds, mainly city hall, because the mayor thinks it the worse looking building [??] right next to the new library.



Term Limits for the mayor and city council. Most Definitely Needed!!!




November 6, 2018 Ballot

US Senator – Strongly Support – Ted Cruz

US Representative, D6 – Ron Wright

Governor – Strongly Support – Greg Abbott

Lt Governor – Strongly Support – Dan Patrick

Attorney General – Strongly – Ken Paxton

Comptroller of Public Accts – Glenn Hegar

Commish of General Land Use– Miguel Suazo

Commish of Agriculture – strongly Sid Miller

Railroad Commissioner – Christi Craddick

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl2 – Jimmy Blacklock

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl4 – John Devine

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl6 – Jeff Brown

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Sharon Keller.

Judge, Court of Appeals, Pl7 – Barbara Hervey

Judge, Court of Appeals, Pl8 – Michelle Slaughter

State Board of Educ, D11 – Pat Hardy

State Board of Educ, D13 – Denise Russell

State Senator, D10 – strongly – Konni Barton

State Rep, D94 – strongly – Tony Tinderholt

State Rep, D96 – strongly – Bill Zedler

State Rep, D101 – James Allen

Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Pl5 – Dabney Bassel

Family District Judge, 322 Judicial District – James Munford

Family District Judge, 323 Judicial District - undecided

Criminal District Attorney – Sharen Wilson

County Judge – hold your nose – Larry Meyers

District Clerk – strongly – Thomas Wilder

County Clerk – Mary Louise Garcia

Tax Collector – strongly – Wendy Burgess

County Commissioner, Pct 2 – Andy Nguyen

Tarrant JP, pct 2 – h your nose – Ernesto Gloria

Tarrant JP, pct 7 – strongly – Matt Hayes

County Prop A JPS bond – Against.

City – Prop A street bond – Against.

City – Prop B parks bond – Against.

City – Prop C pub safety bond – Against.

City – Prop D making aesthetic impr to the outside of city hall - strongly opposed - Against

City – Prop E Arlington City Council Term Limits - Very Strongly Support - FOR








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district 3 (se) = roxeanne.thalman

district 4 (west) = kathryn.wilemon

district 5 (central/east) = lana.wolff

district 6 (all) = robert.shepard

district 7 (all) = victoria.farrar-myers

district 8 (all) = michael.glaspie


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