October 22, 2018 Newsletter

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Council Approves Short-term Rental Ban


But is looking at adding an expensive option to possibly allow them after several public hearings (P&Z and city council) in a permitting system.



Arlington is a city where citizens are relegated to being spectators rather than players. The SPECTATOR helps citizens know what is happening on the field. Only the few on the in-house team are allowed to play ball in Arlington.  The SPECTATOR helps citizens understand the game.



October 22, 2018 – Volume 11 Number 41



Monday, October 22, Early Voting Begins.

Tuesday, October 30 Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, times TBD.

Wednesday, October 31, Halloween.

Thursday, November 1, AISD meeting, AISD Administration Bldg, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm.

Friday, November 2, Early Voting Ends.

Sunday, November 11, Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 13 Arlington City Council meetings, Arlington City Hall, 101 W Abram St, times TBD.

Thursday, November 15, AISD work session, AISD Administration Bldg, 1203 W Pioneer Pkwy, 7:00pm. Public comment may not be accepted.







Arlington City Council Update


The Arlington City Council will met this past Tuesday, October 16. All members of the council were present.


Committee Meetings

The only committee meeting had an agenda with two items. The first item discussed was the importance of a complete count 2020 census. The second item was for housing development proposals for two multi-family projects to get official letters of “No Objection”. It was also discussed during the afternoon session [and of course our city council loves multi-family].


Arlington Tomorrow Foundation

I have no report to give on this meeting.


Afternoon Session

The open portion of the afternoon session will started late again.


The first of three work session items was regarding housing proposals. At the next council meeting the council will get to vote for the “No Objection” support of more apartments.


The short-term rental issue was discussed. At the evening meeting they will approve the ordinance that does NOT allow short-term rentals [without a care of what the Supreme Court has rules].


Staff is then planning to write an ordinance that allows the short-term, very expensive process of permitting short-term rentals.


The third work session item was on the storm water program update.


One of the informal staff reports is on the VIA Ride Share Update [ https://legistarweb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/attachment/pdf/252397/FINAL_Updated_ISR_Via_Update_101618.pdf ]. Evidently they have raised the price of the weekly pass from $10 to $15. Over half of the rides through October 6 were using the pass.


The VIA ride-share Survey [ https://legistarweb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/attachment/pdf/251729/Via_Survey_Data.pdf ] shows a great use by students (31%) and taking away from private enterprise (Taxis/Lyft/Uber) at 45%. My tax dollars is being wasted for this and the service comes nowhere near my location.


The city council agreed to start putting together a term limit charter committee, even before the November election. In other words, after the good term limits are passed, he wants them changed in two years. You must apply to be on this committee [like there is any question that the committee won't be noticeably lopsided].


Evening Meeting

The evening meeting includes three sets of minutes, 32 consent agenda items, five public hearings, an ordinance regarding short-term rentals, two special resolutions, and a consideration to call a public hearing.


The consent agenda saw one citizen opposed to two consent agenda items. She opposed [8.18] the naming of Cynthia Simmons as the emergency physicians' advisory board medical director and [8.31] the expanded role of the law firm in the term limits law suit.


The consent agenda passed, 9-0.


The mayor then changed the order of items, taking item 14.1 next, which was to allow a public hearing for a zoning case that was denied by P&Z. It was approved as a send back to P&Z as the developer was making some changes. If P&Z denies again, a council public hearing becomes automatic. It passed, 8-1, with Capehart opposed.


Then it was back to the agenda order and publci hearings.


The first public hearing was a cleanup rezoning at 6805 Grindstone. The original zoning was for RE, but the property falls a little short of the required 1 acre requirement. It passed, 9-0.


The second public hearing had been continued since August 21. The applicant wanted zoning to include residential hotel fir 2170 E Lamar, but appears to be now ready to accept limited service hotel instead. The council continued this public hearing.


The third public hearing was for 2328 E Park Row. The AISD owns the land and wants the zoning change to CC in an attempt to sell this portion. It is zoned MF-22, for apartments, but is not developed. However, if the general commercial zoning is grant, it allows for many uses the council in the past has object to giving. They plan for a small shopping center. There were two citizen speakers in support. After a lot of debate, it was approved, 7-2, with Capehart and Wolff in opposition.


The fourth public hearing was for 2201 E Arbrook. It is currently zoned for apartments, MF-22 and the applicant want a development plan for the 2-story, 30 apartments allowed by the zoning. There was one citizen speaker in support.


The fifth public hearing was to drop the speed limit on Cooper St from Division to Park Row to 30mph and Hwy360 to 55mph for construction. There was one citizen nonspeaker in opposition. The council wants staff to check into whatever is required to increase the 30mph zone even further south than Park Row. It passed, 9-0.


The ordinance for short-term rentals generated a lot of speakers. There were somewhere near 75 speakers signed up, and about 140 nonspeakers signed up. The fact that the Supreme Court ruled that short-term rentals cannot be illegal did not phase the council a bit. The council passed, 8-1, with Moise opposed.


Next up was a resolution to sell Viridian MMD revenue bonds. The mayor's involvement in this project requires him to leave, so Mr. Glaspie had to run the meeting. There were two cards in opposition. It passed, 8-0-1.


The second resolution is an unchanging policy statement on tax abatements required by law. It passed, 9-0.


Citizen participation saw four cards, but only two speakers. Both were FOR term limits. The first speaker actively attacked the mayor for his “untruthful” statements.



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 18. It is considered a work session and public comment will probably not be accepted.


Press Box

VIA Ride-share

The September numbers are in, and September was the best month for the program, with net revenues over $17K. That is still a major loss when looking at the profit/loss information. [ http://arlspectator.mysite.com/rich_text_22.html ] Arlington Taxpayers are still paying for a lemon. While the company, VIA, is doing quite well [they have a contract for nearly a million dollars for the year—no problem].


From Facebook

So, if you were thinking about moving to Arlington and researching schools as well as crime, how upset would you be about the Arlington Police Department (that operates under the direction of our City Council) reporting to public only 5 homicides in their stats for last year?

From Arlington Texas Crime Facebook page:

* * *
#1 - 1/9/2017 - Cam-Tu Tran shot on Mayflower Court
#2 - 1/12/2017 - Renan Medina dies from 12/28/2016 shooting, 3500 block of Wakefield Circle
#3 - 1/20/2017 - Ramad Silas, 27, dies of January 6, 2017 shooting at Thomason Circle
#4 - 1/30/2017 - Joseph Schultz, 2200 Falconer Cir., Asphyxia (Homicide)
#5 - 2/12/2017 - David Crews shot to death on French Wood Drive/NOT POSTED
#6 - 3/7/2017 - Perry Webster, 28, multiple gunshot wounds, 623 Cousins Lane
#7 & 8 - 4/14/2017 - Kenishia Walker, 25, pregnant mom, shot to death, 2200 block of Ridge Run Road, double homicide/NOT POSTED
#9 - 5/3/2017 - Cesar Perez was shot by James Jones at Zona Caliente sports bar on S. Cooper 
#10 - 5/22/2017 - Timothy Johnson, 19, gunshot wound of back, 6400 block of Treepoint Dr
#11 - 5/30/2017 - Tonya Partee stabbed to death, 2000 block of Spring Mist Dr
#12 - 6/15/2017 - Adrian Williams, 28, was shot and killed by an unknown person, 900 block of Pinion Drive
#13 - 6/25/2017 - Dylan Spaid, 19, drive by shooting on I-20 by Matlock
#14 - 7/9/2017 - Nelson Costa, 40, gunshot wound of chest, Lincoln Drive/Forest Hills Dr
#15 - 9/2/2017 - Lucio Ramirez-Jauregui, gunshot wounds of back, Dudley Cir
#16, #17 - 9/2/17, Erick “Diablo” Zelaya, 27, (severed head at Sanford/Truman vicinity) and Iris Chirinos, 17, buried in backyard of 202 Burton Drive
#18 - 9/11/2017, Adrienne Auguster stabbed to death in the 4800 block of S. Cooper
#19 - 9/20/17, Lenord Byrd shot as a result of an argument at apartment complex, Cooper/Sublett, Rush Creek Apartments
#20 - 10/4/17, Justin Dotson, 25 shot at the Woodland Park Apartments, 2015 Valleywood Dr
#21 - 10/14/17, Danquawn Thompson, 25, shot at 700 N. Watson Rd, Speed's sports and billiards bar parking lot
#22 - 10/27/17, Omar Marin, 22, was shot at Lincoln Square, shooter Rafael Brena Arteaga later killed himself
#23 - 12/1/17, Allen Richardson-Lane, 24, was shot at 2300 Cypress Creek Lane, Sutter Creek Apartments

Justifiable Homicides:
#1 - 3/6/2017 - Ketrick Boyd shot at convenience store, 2500 block of E. Abram St (posted in Crime Stats 6 months after it happened)
#2 - 5/3/2017 - A 'Good Samaritan' shot the gunman, James Jones, 48 at Zona Caliente Sports Bar on S. Cooper

* * * * * * * * *
Shootings by police officers:
2/1/2017 - Tavis Crane - shot after running over a police officer
5/11/2017 - Gabriel Ramirez barricaded at an auto dealership, shot by police
7/15/2017 - Keith Wade, 23, wearing body armor/holding gun, was shot by police
10/31/2017 - Vincent Hall, 22, shot by police, narcotics warrant'


Drive.ai (driverless vehicles) Begins

Friday began the actually running of the vehicles.

[ http://www.theshorthorn.com/news/arlington-partners-with-drive-ai-to-release-self-driving-vehicle/article_f7810716-d301-11e8-9325-9f01c3da237d.html?utm_source=Copy+of+The-Shorthorn-Newsletter+%5B10-19-2018%5D&utm_campaign=The+Shorthorn+analytics&utm_medium=email ]


Arlington Tomorrow Fund-$1 Million Grant



yet taxpayers have to approve bonds to get improvements???


City Propositions


Sell bonds to do more streets. 2008 left a very bad taste in my mouth, when those bonds where used to shrink the lanes on downtown Abram St. [without advertising that to the public]



Sell bonds to do park improvements. Is it really worth going in debt for?



Sell bond for improvements at fire stations. Again, worth going in debt for?



Sell bonds to make aesthetic improvements to several city builds, mainly city hall, because the mayor thinks it the worse looking building [??] right next to the new library.



Term Limits for the mayor and city council. Most Definitely Needed!!!


Early Voting Begins Today, October 22



November 6, 2018 Ballot

US Senator – Strongly Support – Ted Cruz

US Representative, D6 – Ron Wright

Governor – Strongly Support – Greg Abbott

Lt Governor – Strongly Support – Dan Patrick

Attorney General – Strongly – Ken Paxton

Comptroller of Public Accts – Glenn Hegar

Commish of General Land Use– Miguel Suazo

Commish of Agriculture – strongly Sid Miller

Railroad Commissioner – Christi Craddick

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl2 – Jimmy Blacklock

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl4 – John Devine

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl6 – Jeff Brown

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Sharon Keller.

Judge, Court of Appeals, Pl7 – Barbara Hervey

Judge, Court of Appeals, Pl8 – Michelle Slaughter

State Board of Educ, D11 – Pat Hardy

State Board of Educ, D13 – Denise Russell

State Senator, D10 – strongly – Konni Barton

State Rep, D94 – strongly – Tony Tinderholt

State Rep, D96 – strongly – Bill Zedler

State Rep, D101 – James Allen

Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Pl5 – Dabney Bassel

Family District Judge, 322 Judicial District – James Munford

Family District Judge, 323 Judicial District - undecided

Criminal District Attorney – Sharen Wilson

County Judge – hold your nose – Larry Meyers

District Clerk – strongly – Thomas Wilder

County Clerk – Mary Louise Garcia

Tax Collector – strongly – Wendy Burgess

County Commissioner, Pct 2 – Andy Nguyen

Tarrant JP, pct 2 – h your nose – Ernesto Gloria

Tarrant JP, pct 7 – strongly – Matt Hayes

County Prop A JPS bond – Against.

City – Prop A street bond – Against.

City – Prop B parks bond – Against.

City – Prop C pub safety bond – Against.

City – Prop D – making aesthetic impr to the outside of city hall - strongly opposed - Against

City – Prop E Arlington City Council Term Limits - Very Strongly Support - FOR




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district 3 (se) = roxanne.thalman

district 4 (west) = kathryn.wilemon

district 5 (central/east) = lana.wolff

district 6 (all) = robert.shepard

district 7 (all) = victoria.farrar-myers

district 8 (all) = michael.glaspie



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