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Arlington Spectator, July 30, 2018


Kennedale Update

Without a council meeting agenda to study or past meeting to process, I thought I would give you all another Kennedale Update.

The Kennedale people have started a Kennedale newsletter very similar to this newsletter, called the Kennedale Observer. People can sign up for the newsletter at the e-mail address:

Kennedale officials have hired a former Arlington planning department employee, and most recently an Amarillo Economic Development Corporation employee, to run their planning department. The evil plan being shoved down the citizens throats is for a whole bunch of apartments above commercial, mixed-use, “walkable” [as in heat of 110 degrees??] stuff, commonly known as future Section 8 Housing.

The mayor, one of last year's triplets, and one of this year's new council members, Chris Pugh, are all for this kind of stuff. The other new council member is shy about using common sense, and commonly follows staff's thoughtless recommendations.

They appear to have the votes to pull this foolishness off. Things could be going downhill very fast.



Arlington Spectator, June 4, 2018


Kennedale Update

This is another middle weekend of a three-weeks-between-council-meetings, so again, I thought I would give you an update on our Kennedale brothers and sisters.

The establishment mayor kept his chair by 14 votes. At the meeting in May, there was an important zoning case to put 92 houses (up to 40 ft high, 2.5 stories) on small lots, ten feet apart (five feet on each side of the property line). My term, they look like apartment dominoes.

This will be off of Sublett to the south of the high school and all its traffic. Sublett is a two-lane divided roadway (yes, a divided roadway with one-lane of traffic in each direction).

There were five speakers at the public hearing; four were against, and the one in support was the current owner of the property wanting to claim her million dollars and leave.

In yet another vote where the will of the people was ignored, it passed, 3-2. So much for that hometown feeling. Good luck with all that Sublett traffic.



May 20, 2018 

With the final vote counts, five more votes than election evening, Brian Johnson defeat Jan Joplin for the Kennedale Mayor position 628-614 [14 vote difference].


 April 7, 2018 post on Kennedale Voters Group

Fair and Balanced...

May 2017 the Kennedale citizens speak, 2:1, there needs to be something done about the off-the-chart utility bills. So, the "knowledgeable" [based on the KKS (Keep Kennedale Sinking) propaganda] mayor does what? He refuses to place the item on the agenda so it can be discussed. [Is this because of his great knowledge, or because he thinks he is a dictator?]

Yet, again based on KKS propaganda, Ms. Joplin is blamed for lacking knowledge and not doing enough. She is at most guilty of miscalculating that the dictator [some refer to as mayor] would IGNORE the will of the people and do as he pleased.

So what exactly am I missing?


Arlington Spectator - April 2, 2018


Kennedale Update

This is another middle weekend of a three-weeks-between-council-meetings, so again, I thought I would give you an update on our Kennedale brothers and sisters.

Unlike the years prior to last year (2017) the Kennedale residents have a choice of candidates for each of the city and school board places up for election. They also have two propositions to recall two of the council members that were elected last year [A recall election is caused by petition getting 25% of the number of voters in the last election. Someone from the losers group paid to obtain signatures, which was not always done with truthful facts.].

Kennedale residents, who were hammered with off-the-charts, gigantic water and sewer rate increases in 2016, have become active.

The old guard, “establishment”, KKS (Keep Kennedale Sinking) side have been very active on social media. One thing they have been doing [Arlington citizens will remember this] is blocking the other sides' comments and questions on Facebook, especially if there were making too much logical sense and using too many facts for KKS's liking.

One of the people's side candidates that won last year (incumbents were on the losing side of 2:1 landslides) is challenging the mayor this year. On social media she has been called totally unknowledgeable on local government rules or a total liar because she was unable to get the utility bill lowered more. [You would think that a mayor whose side had gotten hammered 2:1 in an election based largely on an exorbitant utility bill would want to put it on the agenda to be discussed,. However, Mr. Dictator's totally uncaring attitude towards the Kennedale residents was miscalculated.] [The only lowering of rates happened at budget time and was only a small token drop in the rates as to what was inflicted on the commercial and residential customers of the city.

Again, on social media, if you work in Kennedale but do not live in Kennedale, you are not allowed to have an opinion, unless of course you agree with the KKS side.

Kennedale's CAFR came out in March which included employment statistics of the city's larger employers. Numbers are down from four years ago (gigantic price increase in sewer & water rates was just over two years ago).

Fort Worth area housing has been extremely “hot”. A Kennedale developer open up a Phase II with 70 lots about one year ago. Today, less than half those lots have a house that is occupied.

Kennedale has opened a McDonalds, Burger King, and QT. Yet there has been no large increase in sales tax revenue. The increase from those businesses were absorbed by other business' losses. Depending where you want to compare from, the sales tax revenue is down.

Early voting starts in three weeks, April 23. Election Day is Saturday, May 5. Hopefully, the dictatorship will end, freeing the residents to fix the problems




Arlington Spectator - January 22, 2018

Kennedale Update

Being the middle weekend of a three-weeks-between-council-meetings stretch, I thought I would give you an update on Kennedale.

As you may recall, early in 2016, a largely unwatched Kennedale City Council set their water and sewer rates that citizens must pay, off the charts. Being too late to file, all those council members ran unopposed. Citizens were upset. There was a petition with 700+ signatures opposing the rate increase [that is like 10% of the total population of the small city].

The citizens are not allowed to address the council members at the council meetings on any subject that appears on the agenda, including the work session portion of the meeting. So citizens were further frustrated. The city manager stayed after the April 2016 meeting to answer questions, basically claiming that the increase was needed for an $800,000 repair [which appears to have only cost between $200K-$300K] and especially wet weather which was eating reserves [people buying/using less water].

That city manager left in 2017. They hired a new city manager shortly before the 2017 elections, a former Arlington City Manager that left Arlington for “health” reasons, receiving a large bonus, only to be city managing again less than a year later.

When May 2017 came around, the three incumbents up for election met at least one challenger. All of the incumbents were defeated.

One of those incumbents resigned approximately ten days before the election. It has recently come out that he was arrested for theft ($750-$2500 range) in Pantego.

The establishment greatly resents the three new council members and to say there is much friction is a great understatement. In my opinion, it certainly appears the three are trying to work in the best interest of Kennedale, but are constantly hitting road blocks.

Two of the council members, one from each side, is possibly up for removal for violating the charter, one for absenteeism, the other for supposedly for contacting staff without going through the city manager.

The establishment people paid to get signatures for a recall election on two of the three new council people. Citizens were often lied to in order to obtain the signatures. The number of signatures required for a recall is 25% of the voters of the last election [requiring a council person to keep a 75% approval rating???].

Meanwhile, there appears to be a few “shady” happenings that are still being unearthed.

Meanwhile, filing for the May 5, 2018 election has started.

Stay tuned.


Arlington Spectator - August 28, 2017

Kennedale Update

Another update on our Kennedale neighbors. For those that don't remember they have been paying off-the-charts water/sewer prices [approved by their council despite heavy protest from the citizens] for about a year and a half now. Their rates are more than double what the citizens of Arlington pay. This May, three “ordinary” citizens were elected to the council replacing three of the “establishment” forces. Despite the efforts of the many to try to work together for the good of the city, several of the “establishment” has been extremely disruptive.

Well, on Monday the gloves came off. The mayor had an item on the agenda “Incidental Items” which in English evidently means rip into one of the new citizen council people for trying to do what the citizens elected her to do. He accusing her of much of the very same things he was doing, bullying and alternate motives.

The three new council members walked out, ending the meeting.

Here we have a mayor, who is grossly overcharging the citizens for a UTILITY, something totally necessary/required and cannot be avoided in practicality. He refuses to be open/transparent, refusing to allow citizens to speak on agenda items at council meetings. He refused to be responsive when approximately 10% of the total population turned in a petition against these off-the-chart rates. Apparently, he feels, for some reason, more government spending should be accepted and praised by the citizens.


Arlington Spectator - April 25, 2016

Kennedale’s Citizens' Expensive Lesson

The citizens of Kennedale were not watching their city council. Now they are very upset and will be paying hundreds of dollars per year more in utility bills.

All of the candidates in this year’s Kennedale’s municipal and school board elections are unchallenged. In fact, one of the school board positions required the convincing of former mayor John Clark to run for the position.

Three weeks ago, Kennedale’s citizens and businesses got their water bills. Those bills were shocking. Depending on the size of their connections for water and sewer, the charge was much higher, some more than doubling.

What had happened was in a very under-publicized way, the city council had increased the rates. Needless to say, the citizens were not been watching what their council was up to. This is a city council that basically approves staff’s requests with little or no questioning, and certainly with no challenge.

The city’s new billing formula leans heavily on the fixed monthly charge which is now more than double many other city rates. The city manager justified the increased, arguing it was necessary due to decades of poor maintenance, a $700,000 emergency repair, a need for service expansion, and a depleted fund balance created by low usage, the result of heavy rains.

The fund balance replenishment should take 2.5 years at the new, greatly increased rates.

Unbelievably, the city manager does not think that this pricing disaster will have any effect on his “baby,” economic development.

What out-of-control city council/city manager will abuse its citizens next?