Michael Glaspie, District 8

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1. Public Transportation - please respond by 03/16/2017

Please describe, including price maximums, your thoughts on public transportation.


Because of the growth and continued congestion in Arlington, it is important to consider more efficient and effective ways of moving people around in our city and throughout the region. The attractiveness of Arlington also adds an economic dimension to smooth mobility. Accordingly, I believe we should assess the best ways to move people from place to place in our city as we are starting to do with the Transportation Advisory Committee. I have not idea of pricing, however, anything that may be eventually implemented must be cost effective and provide a utility that benefits the city.


2. Communications (Part I) - please respond by 03/23/2017

If a constituent e-mails you a question or comment, asking for a response, on an issue where you disagree, will you respond to the constituent?


I try to respond to inquiries but because of the volumes that come in, it becomes difficult to respond to all. However, the input that is given by a constituent is invaluable in analyzing issues in our city.


3. Communications (Part II) - please respond by 03/30/2017

a) Based on open records request W035834-030817 there were no formal town hall meetings by the council members on the $500,000,000 Rangers bond issue voted upon last November. Should council members hold town hall meetings to inform the residents of the facts of a $500 million issue? why or why not?

b) On the ballot this May is also a $45 million bond issue (less than 10% of the Rangers issue) for a $38 million active senior center and a civil service issue for the fire department. Should council members hold town hall meetings to inform the residents of the facts on these issues? why or why not?


a) Town Hall meetings are a great communication tool for the community, however, there was ongoing discussion of the Rangers in worksessions and evening business meetings. We had a great deal of discussion of the Rangers as well as receiving much public input.

b) Response is similar to a). We need to provide the public with information on such projects and receive input. Though town halls are great tools, there are ongoing opportunities to provide info to the public such as our meetings.


4. Speed vs. Accurate - please respond by 04/06/2017

Last fall during the Rangers' bond issue, I had several season ticket holders (four) tell me the current ballpark has plumbing issues, hinting that inspections were not done correctly.

Should the inspections at the new $900 million ballpark be done by city inspectors told to make sure of the accuracy, or by a 3rd party hired by the Rangers to promote speed, or something else? why?


The issue is assuring proper inspection is done. Whether it is a 3rd party or a city inspector, there needs to be consistent monitoring to make certain that standards of operation are maintained. Any concerns about plumbing or any operational issue should be brought to the Rangers attention and the City should be notified if there is not a satisfactory resolution.




5. Taxes (Part I) - please respond by 04/13/2017

Currently, Arlington has 1/4-cent of sales tax that could be, but is not used.

What, if anything, do you see yourself approving, using that portion of the sales tax? why? 

Did not respond.



6. Taxes (Part II) - please respond by 04/20/2017

Currently, Arlington is experiencing almost double-digit property tax evaluation increases.
What do you feel the appropriate tax rate that should be levied upon the citizens, a rate a little below the rollback rate, the effective tax rate, the same tax rate, even if above the rollback rate, something else. Why?

The decision on what the tax rate will be should be made after a budget that reflects good stewardship has been developed.  The budget should clearly define the costs of providing great services that are efficient and effective in supporting a good quality of life in Arlington.  I would expect this rate to be at or below the current rate.